September 7-30, 2018

Hazel Robinson Amphitheatre

Asheville NC

Photos by Anthony Harden of Alt Media Pros

Produced by Montford Park Players as part of their 2018 season, Melon Wedick’s original reinterpretation of Hamlet is a pared-down, action-driven retelling of William Shakespeare’s masterpiece.

Intercut and overlapping scenes appeal to a fast-paced, modern sensibility, while shared soliloquies emphasize the parallels in the lives of Hamlet, Ophelia, Laretes — and Aeneas, the ancient Trojan hero. Inserted sections of Virgil’s Aeneid frame Hamlet’s perspective on the play’s tumultuous events, while a traveling corps of players dip in and out of the action, alternating between taking on roles and playing puppet-masters with the Danish court.

This is Hamlet like you’ve never seen it: swift, decisive, and inexorably tragic.

Player 1 – Jane Hallstrom
Player 2 / Horatio – Molly Graves
Player 3 / Rosencrantz – Charlie Wilson
Player 4 / Guildenstern – Will Storrs
Player 5 / Servant – Ava Atwood
Player 6 / Polonius – John Preston Mendenhall
Player 7 / Priest / Bernardo – Sonia Rose D’Andrea
Player 8 / Marcellus – Bill Parks
Player 9 / Lucianus – Savannah Stone
Player 0 / Ophelia – Jamie Knox
Laertes – Ryan Martin
Claudius – Travis Lowe
Gertrude – Julianne Arnall
Hamlet – Jon Stockdale

Ensemble: Ava Atwood, Bill Parks, Christel Schober-Colburn, Denise Lockett, Elisabeth Pitrolo, Emily Sansbury, Kevin Norris, Ruby Schober-Colburn, Savannah Stone

Directed by Melon Wedick; Set Design by Melon Wedick & Laura Lowe; Lighting Design by Abby Aumann, Costume Design by Amanda Shive & Victoria Smith; Fight Choreography by Deanna Braine; Stage Management by Amanda Shive; Technical Direction by Laura Lowe.