February 21 & 22, 2020

Tina McGuire Theatre

Asheville NC

Photos by Michael Bell

A war hero who never wanted to govern. An elected leader who spits on his citizenry. A starving populace itching to reclaim control of a government run by (and for) the wealthy. A hint of forbidden romance between enemy fighters. A betrayal that might end it all in flames.

Nemesis Theatre Company’s first independent production, Coriolanus 2020 ran for one weekend at the Wortham Center for the Performing Arts’s Tina McGuire Theatre.

With Molly Graves, Sonia Rose D’Andrea, Jane Hallstrom, Jamie Knox, Madison Brightwell, Lauren Otis, Haven Volpe, Jon Stockdale, Locksley Blanchard, Zak Hamrick, Brendan Nickerson, and Hannah Williams.

Directed by Melon Wedick; Sound Design by Chris Hamilton; Lighting Design by Jason Williams; Costume Design by Caroline Daniels; Fight Choreography by Kristi DeVille; Stage Management by Max Baron Reid.