ABOUT the company

Use every man after his desert, and who shall ‘scape whipping?

—William Shakespeare, “Hamlet”

Nemesis Theatre Company is dedicated to creating urgent, irreverent, and accessible productions of Shakespeare’s work. We are driven by adherence to these principles:

  • The work must be purposeful, vital, and bold.
  • The audience deserves respect.
  • Comprehension is fundamental.
  • Theatre is serious play. 

About the ENSEMBLE

photos by Eliza Heath

The Nemesis Ensemble forms the backbone of the company. Established in 2022, the Ensemble trains together on a weekly basis to create a shared vocabulary and set of skills that can deepen the work behind our productions. Ensemble members are expected and encouraged to grow and challenge themselves artistically.

inspiration behind the name

About the Artistic DIRECTOR

Melon Wedick, founder and artistic director of Nemesis Theatre Company, received her BA in Theatre from Oberlin College, and subsequently completed an apprenticeship in set design at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London, UK. She was a founding member of the Certain Players of Randolph, VT, and co-founder and managing director of the Greenville Shakespeare Festival (Greenville, NH). After taking a hiatus to experiment with “real work” in the “real world,” Melon moved to Asheville, NC, where she founded Nemesis. She lives with her husband, Jon Stockdale, and looks forward to someday having a dog.